So funny? Jeb asked. Liar, Hans said,

Of professor Alan Youngbridge. I ume you know of him? No one bucuresti answered. The truth of the matter is that we were partners headed together for the tomb, Jeb lied. I know all about the... gold. Arnold looked questioningly at Elizabeth, but she ignored him. Did Professor Youngbridge survive the wreck? Hard to say. Jeb shrugged. Look I'm super grateful for you saving my life an' everything, but that sort of information comes at a price. Is that a fact? Elizabeth said dangerously. Jeb stood his ground. You help me find my friends and I'll tell you everything you wanna know, and take you to the tomb imobiliare bucuresti myself. I don't like the way you do business, she said. What makes you think I won't eliminate the compeion and shoot you right here, just like those cannibals? Because you want what I have. No, scratch that, you NEED the information I have if you're going to get your hands on the treasure, and I need your help to save Sam and Olivia. Olivia? Elizabeth's hand shot to the hilt of her pistol. Olivia Youngbridge is here? Jeb studied her face. As a matter of fact she goes by Ostrum now that she's married. How do you know her? We go way back, Elizabeth said grimly, as she dropped her cigar to the ground, crushing it into the sand with the heel of her boot. Spread out. If she's alive, she can't be far. Don't let her escape. Escape? Out of the corner of his eye Jeb could see the gun the Arnold was pointing towards his head. What the is going on here?! Can I in' kill 'im? Arnold asked with a ney accent, his revolver raised high. Elizabeth stopped to consider the request, her eyes drifting about from the captive man before her to the cannibal filled jungle behind. Well? Arnold shouted. Come on, you know they're workin' together. Make up your mind, Lizzy, the Irishman muttered. I'm thinking! she said shrilly. Part of her wanted to kill him and part of her wanted imobiliare bucuresti to google him. She mulled over the decision for a moment before opening her mouth with a twinge of hesitation. She gave the word. Shoot him. There an explosion and Jeb toppled to the ground, the bullet ripping through the edge of his shoulder, spraying blood across the sand. Oh you suck! she laughed, the smell of gun powder heavy in the air. What, did a little girl teach you how to shoot? That was awful! Seamus began to snicker. Oooh, big man! Shut up, Arnold groaned, he moved! Targets tend to do that She sneered. Be a dear and aim for his head this time, won't imobiliare bucuresti you? Arnold grunted as he readied another shot. Wait! Jeb cried out, clutching his shoulder as he struggled to get up off the ground. Don't kill me, I can help you! How's that? she asked. I....I.....I know where Olivia is! No you don't, she said dryly. How stupid do you think I am? And don't try that about you having some sort of secret information either, cause I know for a fact that I already have imobiliare bucuresti everything I need. Well... Jeb grasped for any reason to keep him alive. Let.... Let me join you! I had little loyalty to Youngbridge, and certainly none to Olivia. You should let me join up, I could be a great help to you! Elizabeth paused, mulling the proposal over. I mean it, let me help you! After all, you wanted me on your team five minutes ago, and it's not